Alaia Store

We have different products with our brand, which project our values such as sustainability, sportsmanship and enjoyment by being outdoors. T-shirts, hats, bags and dryhood are some who can see in our store.

Patagonia Store

Patagonia offers specialized products in the area of silent sports, such as surfing and climbing. Wetsuits with merino wool and recycled organic cotton are some features of their sustainable materials. Patagonia seeks sustainable development along with the excellence and high quality of their products, very similar to Hotel Alaia values.


We have a Bowlpark shop in the Hotel. You can find the best products related to the world of skateboarding. Brands like NikeSB, Killer pads, Thrasher, Element and much more you can find in our store. Come and try this fabulous Bowlpark or you can go shopping in the store.